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Today’s ever changing personal and business financial world is currently being overwhelmed with Bankruptcies, Identity Theft, and a record amount of Foreclosures. This frightening trend shows no relief in sight which means the need for credit restoration is at an all time high. The CDP Tracker System sets the standards as a leader in today’s high tech world.

When considering any business venture please keep in mind the tremendous advantage of having good timing on your side. The other important factors to consider are: What is my potential for Return on Investment? Is my company going to be able to offer a Product or Service that is a value to the masses? The Unique Business Opportunity presented by CDP Tracker definitely scores high in these categories.

With Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Job Seekers, and Identity Theft at an all time high, there is no better time than right now to get in on the “Credit Restoration” boom. And with our high tech, state-of-the-art Credit restoration system, you can begin earning an income in your very first month.

Credit Restoration Business Opportunity

Investment: $2350.00 – $9900.00
Business Type: Business Opportunity


No Previous Experience is Necessary

In today’s ever changing financial world it has become more apparent that every consumer and job seeker benefits from a strong credit rating. With mortgage foreclosures, refi’s, unemployment, and identity theft approaching all time highs the need for credit restorations has never been greater. This business concept is strong and offers you a widespread potential client market. CDP Tracker’s amazing business opportunity displays a tremendous opportunity for growth. You do not need previous industry experience to join us and the investment is designed to be affordable.

Unlimited Clientele and Tremendous Opportunity for Growth!

The time is now to burst into what is consider one of the nations fastest growing industries! Why is that? Because affiliate customer retention, individual and joint retail credit correction and employee purchase programs via credit restoration is on a meteoric rise. Statistics show that millions of people throughout the United States suffer from identity theft and or derogatory marks in their personal credit file. The need to repair and restore derogatory credit continues to rise. Now is a great time to become part of this exceptionally rewarding high-demand business model. Everyone knows someone who can benefit from financial healing. Two industries that currently benefit from today’s economic times are credit collection and credit restoration. If your desire is to harass people this opportunity is not for you. If your desire is to help people then we suggest contacting our Licensee Development Representatives right away!

The Most Innovative Business Model and Tracking System on the Market Today
Our state-of-the-art tracking system, which we have named CDP Tracker™, will allow our Licensees to have access to the tools necessary to burst upon the credit repair and restoration industry. As a Licensee, you will have unlimited front end access to CDP Tracker™. Our business model can be invaluable because you will be able to concentrate on growing and marketing your businesses in an expediential manor without the hassle and unforeseen expenses of hiring hourly employees. Our system is designed to allow you to earn income from retail and affiliate referral as well as employee purchase programs. CDP Tracker Licensee & Affiliate Programs allows you the ability to tap into countless dollars of advertisement currently being spent in your area.

No Previous Experience is Necessary to Join Us!
The CDP Tracking System will allow you to burst upon what we consider to be one of the nation’s foremost business opportunities: Due to the nature of today’s economy, in conjunction with tightened lending standards and sky rocketing unemployment, the timing for this opportunity couldn’t be better. You will receive an affordable and complete business system that includes:

  • Marketing Concepts Templates
  • Target Marketing Support and Training
  • Discounted Continuation of Processing Services after 1 year
  • Guaranteed Refund of Processing Fee to Licensee (Example – if within 1 year CDP Tracker does not improve your client’s credit file, we will refund our entire processing fee, no questions asked!)
  • Grow your company as large or as small as you desire by utilizing the CDP Tracker Fulfillment Center.

Additional Benefits of Joining CDP Tracker…

  • CDP Tracker Licensee’s may price their credit repair services at their discretion
  • CDPTracker Processing Center will handle all per client fulfillment services for one year, including fielding phone correspondence of clients in regards to their personal files (Ask for details)
  • Overall Business Training via phone and internet
  • Client Agreements that comply with Federal Laws
  • Unlimited front end use of our state of the art client tracking system, CDP Tracker™
  • Unlimited ongoing Licensee Phone support
  • Licensee referral and Sub Licensee programs available (Inquire for details)
  • For complete details on Master Licensee Program please contact our office directly

CDP Tracker is a product of BMJ&J Inc, a Florida Corporation

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